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Whitney papers legal and personal

Power of Attorney (Kirtland, 1838-11-07) [Box 5, Folder 42]

Know all men by these statements [?] that I newell Whitney now of Kirtland Geauga County, Ohio, do authorize, constitute, ordain and affirm Samuel Whitney of Kirtland my true and lawful attorney or agent to act for me and in my name to honest bargainings [?] in this place in my absence, to scan [?] for and collect settle and discharge all such demand, as I shall leave with him, and to sel[l] such personal property as I shall have with him for that purpose, also to rent land and tenement as I shall give him direction, and to bargain for sale of real estate (but not give deeds), to bid on land which are to be sold by the administration of Algernon Gilbert [?] deceased. And whatever my said attorney or agent shall balefully [?] do on or about the premises shall be the same as though I was personally present to ratify and confirm the same. Given under my hand and seal at Kirtland, seventh day of November, 1838, N.K.Whitney {SEAL}

Paternity Suite (Nauvoo, 1842-09-15) [Box 4, Folder 44]

Know all men by these present [?] that I Gustavus Hills of the county of Hancock and the state of Illinois am held and firmly bound unto Mary Clift of the county and state aforesaid in the penal sum of a hundred Dollars, which payment well and truly to be made I bind myself, my heirs, and legal representations firmly by these bonds sealed with my own hand and dated this 16th day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty two.
The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the said Mary Clift hath made sath [?] that she is pregnant with a child by the said Gustavus Hills and has agreed with the said Gustavus Hills to submit the matter of the support of the same to referees. Now if the said child shall be born alive the said Gustavus Hills agrees to pay the said Mary Clift Twenty ^five Dollars annually for three years, in in quarterly payments, in provisions or clothing suited to the condition of the said child, but should the child die, then the obligation to pay as aforesaid is to cease from the time of such decease and if the said Gustavus Hill shall well and truly comply with the conditions of the above obligation, or should the child die, aforesaid, then this obligation to cease and he would and further at on upon the delivery of said child the said Gustavus Hills shall pay five dollars in money for goods suitable for such an occasion besides the payments before mentioned. This obligation being complied with as aforesaid and in that case the obligation and everything therein contained is to cease, otherwise to remain in full force and effect.
Given under my hand and seal the day and year above written. // {SIGNATURE Gustavus Hills} {SIGNATURE Robert Clift // agent to Mary Clift}
In the presence of Elias Higbee [?] // {LIST of signatures of witnesses and scribe} 

Liquor License Petition (Nauvoo, 1844-01-18, Nauvoo) [Box 5 Folder 44]

To the Hon. Mayor of the City of Nauvoo. // We the inhabitants of the 3rd ward in said city would respectfully recommend Samuel Musick as a proper person to sell and retail sprirituous liquors within said ward and would recommend him to your honor for license in the same. // January 18 1844 // {17 SIGNATURES}

Whitney Letter Saturday 25th of Dec [?] 1841 [Box 6 Folder 1]

recto only
  • Whitney had to get off a steamboat early, 85 miles down river from his destination on the Mississippi, caught cold and was down with fever
  • Whitney was planning to stay in the store during the Winter and the Spring [possibly to improve his health?]
  • Whitney was planning a trip to Philadelphia to "lay in goods for the market" and was planning to visit the recipient in this context
  • Whitney asks for genealogical information about his family

Whitney Letter March 5th, 1842, Nauvoo IL [Box 6 Folder 1]

(to brother F.S. Whitney)

  • Whitney not going to Philadelphia after all by himself, sending someone else due to his state of health
  • Planning to go in the fall and will call then
  • Business negotiations with Gill Granger in which Whitney wants support from the recipient
  • more on the Gill Granger business, with bank mentioned and amounts of money

[Box 6 Folder 1 Remainder]

The remaining letters exceeded my capabilities of decipherment.

See Also

Michael H. Marquardt, The Strange Marriages of Sarah Ann Whitney, 2001, which includes a reference to the Diary of Hosea Stout.

Bibliographic Record

Newel K. Whitney Collection, Vault Mss 76, Box 5, Folders 42-46; Box 6, 

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