Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Smiths invited to a Bachlor's Party

The following is a transcription of an invitation extended to General Joseph Smith & Lady for a bachlor party. The invitation is available in the Church History Library, MS 9670 folder 6, in Salt Lake City, on microfilm.

The invitation is a printed form that has the name of the invitee and the pronoun filled in on a dotted line; in the transcription these parts are rendered in italics.


Bachlor's Party
Our compliments to General Joseph Smith & Lady requesting the pleasure of their company at the Quincy House, on Thursday Evening, February 22nd, at 7 1/2 clock.

  • James M. Burt, A.F. Ackerman, Joseph Artus.
  • W. H. Taylor, O.F. Miller, Newton Flagg.
  • W. B. Thayer, J.H. Luce, I.S. Church,
  • J. Palmer Cryder, G.B. Dimock, Eben. moore,
  • Philander Brown, John Tillson, 3d, Jas. Fisher,
  • Jas. Woodruff, Wm. B. Powers, Nath. Pease,
  • R.H. Mitchell.


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