Saturday, August 9, 2014

Red Brick Store account details

As mentioned in the secondary literature, the Red Brick store account books, just like other stores at the time, also served as a sort of bank account.

For example, in the accounts of E. Higbee with the Red Brick Store (Newel K. Whitney Collection, Box 5, folder 16), Higbee in 1843 paid his Relief Society ($2.00) on June 20th 1843, as well as his Bishop ($2.00) on July 7th 1843, and his Lodge ($25.00) on July 11th, 1843 from his store account. On October 21st, 1843, Higbee paid a Mr Riley with his tithing contribution, $15.75.

Higbee paid a wealth of other individuals, too, some for work done; e.g. on August 10th, 1842, he paid 1.5 days of work with $2.25 (he also bought suspenders and a door frame that day).

For the other items that Higbee bought at the Red Brick Store, see a sampling here, together with a sampling of the Menhard brothers, William and David.

Notice how rare mutton still is, there is a entry for 12lbs of Mutton in Cahoons' account book, for December 8th, $0.48. Everything else is mostly beef and corn meal.

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