Thursday, August 14, 2014

Donald Q. Cannon on Palmyra immigrants

In his rather standard introduction, Palmyra, New York: 1820-1830, Donald Q. Cannon throws in a novel twist by bringing to the reader's attention some of the people other than the Smiths who migrated to Palmyra in the 1815s, for example, the Parkers.
Another successful family in the area, the Parkers, came from Delaware County, New York, in 1816. Seth Parker originally erected a log cabin, but later built a substantial brick home. Through the years he accumulated parcels of land until he had about five hundred acres. (p.5)
David S. Aldrich came from Massachusetts to Palmyra in the 1820s when he was sixteen years old. He worked at a variety of jobs, including carrying mail on horseback, clerking and general store work. He later started his own retail business and claimed to have sold the Prophet Joseph Smith his first decent suit of clothes. (p.5) 

Bibliographical Record

Donald Q. Cannon, Palmyra, New York: 1820-1830, in: Larry C Porter, Milton V. Blackman Jr, Susan Easton Black (ed), Regional Studies in Latter-day Saint Church History: New York, Provo UT (BYU) 1992, pp.1-14.

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