Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Steamboat Maid of Iowa

Among the Newel Kimball Whitney papers (VaultMSS 76) mention in the previous post, there is a set of folders (Box 5, folder 10-15) on the steamboat "Maid of Iowa", which is as of August 2014 un-digitized. The contents of these folders is the concern of this post.

The majority of them are bills that have to do with the operations and the upkeep of the "Maid of Iowa". It is noteworthy that when Joseph Smith Jr sends his partners, Dan Jones (some anecdotes about him here) and Levi Moffitt, a financial statement concerning the "Maid" on May 12th of 1843, he styled himself "Esquire", which may refer to the fact that he was becoming knowledgeable and experienced in the law.

The transcripts I have taken so far are here; the BYU article on the steam boat (download here) is somewhat of a help, and mentions some of the ingredients I could not decode, including saleratus.

I am still struggling with decoding some of the units abbreviations, but it looks like the mysterious "uc" could be a "lbs" with a short "L" ....

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