Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Absence of local law in the Mediterranean

It just occurred to me that my process of extracting interpretative models will not properly succeed for the early Mormons because a key component for the Missouri war, the possibility that the Mormons might form the political majority and take over county control, was an emergent property of the rising number of converts and has no predecessor in the rise of the early church.

This is an exciting result because that shows an unexpected discontinuity in the interpretative process whose anticipation implies prescience.
Thus also poses the question of how Braudel dealt with these issues of local law; he cites the local statues at every point or turn as part of the local expression of the long duration (e.g. Venice). But there was other than the rump Roman law and possibly some of the conventions of international diplomacy and commerce very little to unify the Mediterranean in terms of the legal regulations governing the local regions, bays and cities.

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