Saturday, February 15, 2014

literalizing Zion

In their description of the Revivalism feeling, Marquardt & Walters quote an excited description of the revivalism success that reflects the way revivalists felt about Zion (p.19) (For the quote, see Geneva Presbytery “Records,” 2 Feb. 1825, Book D:27-28.)
As early as February 1825 the Presbytery was called on, in glowing terms, to
bless the Lord for the displays of sovereign grace which have been made <within our boundaries> during the past year. In the congregation of Palmyra, the Lord has appeared in his glory to build up Zion. More than a hundred have been hopefully brought into the kingdom of the Redeemer.

Thus, "building up Zion" is a revivalist term for growing the church. And the LDS with its millenial imprint is a literalization of that revivalist feeling.

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