Friday, January 31, 2014

reconceptualizing the project structure

After working on extracting events that describe cases of mobility, financing, persecution and apocalyptic thinking from the sources, it now becomes possible to reconceptualize the presentation structure.
  1. Introduction
  2. Event Data Set Presentation
  3. Planned Dimension I: Mobility
  4. Planned Dimension II: Economy
  5. Planned Dimension III: Urbanization
  6. Discovered Dimension IV: Social Trust
  7. Mediterranean Model Hunting
  8. Application: The Mormon War of 1838
  9. Evaluation & Conclusion
Notice that social trust was a dimension whose importance was only discovered in the analysis of the three planned dimensions of mobility, economy and urbanization. But it becomes a key component of understanding the alienation felt between the LDS and the gentile communities, which finds expression and reinforcement in repeated evictions.

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