Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Routes of English Mormons in 1841

In the context of his discussion of Mormonism, Clark in his Gleanings reports a letter by John Hall, Rector of St Peter, in Ashtubla, Ohio, on the origin of Mormonism around Kirtland, Ohio, that gives an indication of the travel routes of newly arrived Mormon converts from England (pp.317-318).

John Hall in his letter dated June 5th, 1841, notes
It is indeed astonishing that so low an imposture should ever have been countenanced at all; much more so that hundreds of English converts should recently have come over to it, and that four hundred more should now be daily expected to take shipping at Buffalo, in order to pass up our Lakes to join the Western Mormons ! (p.318)


  • Rev. John A. Clark, D.D., Gleanings by the Way, Philadelphia (Simon) -- New York (Carter), 1842.

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