Monday, November 11, 2013

Project Presentation Feedback

Here are my unvarnished notes from the feedback discussion after the presentation of my project.

  • Braudel is actually missing part three of his book on the Mediterranean, where the long and the middle duration meet the history of events
  • TRE4 should probably be RGG4; otherwise Markschies would be still in high school.
  • In his co-presentation, Berhard emphasized
    • the dualism of theory and content as positive, but worried about the balancing
    • worried that the title was showing that the interpretation is more important
    • missing the hypotheses that powered the theological part
    • was unclear as to the specifics motivating Fernand Braudel
  • in her comment, Elizabeth Morgan emphasized
    • the romantic slant of the book of Mormon
    • wondered whether the historiographical models of the book of Mormon itself might be interesting or helpful
  • in his contribution, Robert Schelander emphasized
    • the worry that the Archival material might be to heterogeneous to support the efforts intended

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