Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dr Julius von Schlosser online

Austrian Julius Ritter von Schlosser (1866-1938) was in charge of the k.u.k. kunsthistorische Hofmuseum, and as such well versed in Art History. He published an important set of art historical documents and studies, many of which are now available on the Internet archive.
Schlosser was also a fan and translator of Benedetto Croce, whose writings he translated with permission (see also the dedication in Italienische Forschungen of 1920 to Croce).
After the death of Franz Wickhoff, Schlosser and Hermann took over the inventory of illuminated manuscripts of Austria; however, not all of the volumes are available online. The inventory is interesting however, since then Austria included Istria and Dalmatia.
  • Franz Wickhoff (Hrsg), Beschreibendes Verzeichnis der illuminierten Handschriften in Österreich,

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