Thursday, November 20, 2014

19th and 20th Century Potash in the United States

Inspired by Mark L. Staker's article on Newel K. Whitney ("Thou art the man", BYU Studies 42.1 (2003), pp.75ff0, which talks about the ashery in Kirtland, I was trying to find some of the "ashery manuals" that Staker talks about, but could only find a 1917  JSTOR article on the relative contribution of wood and plant material to the overall The Production of Potash in the United States.
I also found a comparable one for Canada, equally from 1917. One suspects that the preparations or munition supplies for WW1 are implicated here. For a worldwide view with Western focus in 1922, see Potash.

A somewhat similar article for the 1880s is on Potash in the Far West, but that already includes Utah of course.

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