Sunday, June 8, 2014

Quick Wayne Sentinel jots

Looking for a specific advertisement, I had to binary search the Wayne Sentinel editions, and so I noticed a couple of things.

  • On this page from around May 25th 1824 (terminus post quem), there is mention of immigrants traveling on the Erie Canal, the sale of cheap French millstones, and a little farm next to the Canal with various fruit trees.
  • On this page from around March 29th, 1825 (terminus post quem), the house of Dr Gain Robinson was for let; there were rates for the tolls on the Erie Canal; the reception of General Lafayette was discussed in South Carolina and Georgia; cash was offered for farm produce; and storage and forwarding was offered.
  • On this page from around July 16th, 1825 (terminus post quem), there is description of the packet boats between Albany and Rochester, promising horse exchanges every 12 miles, and the synchronicity of the boats with the stage coach in a second add by the coach. The date also lists the incorporation of the Wayne County Bank by the legislature in col #5.
  • This page from April 6th, 1825, has the Introduction to the Critical Study and Knowledge of Holy Scripture by Thomas Hartwell Horne, published with Littell, from Philadelphia, on it (alas on page #3), not the front page. Also, the book is by subscription and runs a whopping $12 dollars. The 1828 edition of that book is from the Princeton library and is the oldest one on the Internet archive.
  • The FultonHistory archive has a lacuna for April 13th into June of 1825.

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