Monday, June 9, 2014

Peirsons and Roes of Wayne County

This is probably not going to be very helpful, but the Peirsons family had a little handbook made of their nine generations in the US of A, of which generation six was the one that settled in Wayne County around 1807. There is a nice testament in the 5th generation, and there is a small bit over overlap when the Smiths were in Palmyra, but not much. There is also the fact that the 6th generation Peirson was a carpenter and got a three-to-one trade on his work days for farm days, allowing him to quickly clean up his property (p.43).

Similar sentiments of ancestry inspired Alfred S. Roe to undertake his Sketches of Rose Neighborhood from 1893, which focuses on all sorts of places in Wayne County, but leaves Palmyra out of the title. There are some mentions of Palmyra in the text, though, and several people indicated who later became Mormons. A bit meager, but nevertheless.

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