Thursday, May 29, 2014

Placing the first Palmyra Smith house

Based on the map published in Plewe et al (2012), pp.16f, I had estimated that the first Smith house in Palmyra, where they lived from 1816-1818 (cf. Pomeroy Tucker (1867), p.12), must have been at the intersection of Stafford Street and Main Street in Western Palmyra.

It looks like "Uncle" Dale R. Broadhurst (of and fame) came to the same conclusion, and in his transcription of the Palmyra guide books, specifically Thomas L. Cook's Palmyra and Vicinity from 1930 found here, Dale took the Wayne County Atlas page for Palmyra from 1874, published by D.G. Beers & Co, penciled in some houses described in the text plus the Smith house, added (in modern fonts) the street names---Stafford and Main---and pasted the resulting image into the transcription.

Notice that there are other maps in Uncle Dale's transcription as well, using the Palmyra map from 1874 and another one from 1904; consider the Fayette example and compare 1874 with 1904.

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