Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Literature on rituals and religious stances

This list of books and papers is based on the presentation given by Sarah Demmrich at the DoktorantInnen Kolloquium
Dipl Psych Demmrich also mentioned the following tests
  • the PANAS for affect measures (now PANAS-X)
  • the FEEL-KJ questionaire for determining emotional regulation in children and juveniles
  • the Mysticism Scale in Hood, Ralph W. Jr. 1975. The Construction and Preliminary Validation of a Measure of Reported Mystical Experience, in: Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 14(1), p.29-41, which is in turn based on the research by Walter Terence Stace, Mysticism and Philosophy, London 1961.
  • the Tellegen Absorption Scale described in Ritz & Dahme (1995)
The Ekstase Scale (Wolfredd 2013) was not findable given that information.

In the discussion, Prof. Danz pointed out that some of the considerations in
  • Monika Wohlrab-Sahr, Religionslosigkeit als Thema der Religionssoziologie, in: Pastoraltheologie 90: 152-167.
seemed to be lacking from the research design.

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