Thursday, December 12, 2013

E.D. Howe's 1834 Mormonism Unveiled on the Web

Like so many other documents having to do with early Mormonism, Dale R. Broadhurst's set of webpages at has a scanned copy of Eber Dudley Howe's 1834 book Mormonism Unveiled.

Unfortunately, the Broadhurst scan as of December 2013 is incomplete; I communicated with Dale, but I don't know if I found everything and when he will have time to fix it. We communicated and agreed that more proofing is necessary, but we need to see when we two get around to that.

At any rate:

  • The Google books version is here
  • The Internet archive's version of the Google scan is here.
  • The Internet archive's version sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh Library System is here.

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