Tuesday, October 8, 2013

clarifying temporal and conceptual model relationships

Even if one exempts la durée médiane for a moment, there is a relationship that exists between la longue durée and structural history on the one hand, and la histoire événementielle and event history on the other. Thus, there is a parallelism of temporal duration and its description.

The appropriate way to handle the shorter one is the script instantiation. The appropriate way to handle the other, however, seems to be Golemization, which corresponds to the Weberian ideal type. (This suggests that the process description is what goes with la durée médiane, though that observation fairly screams for a differentiation between scripts and processes.

However, the ideal type pushes the focus from the temporal components to the qualitative relationships of the conceptual model. As the sum of all identified feature types, and some of their quantificational constraints, it is a description of type level potentialities. It is the view taken from the side of the structure, without the temporal constraints of the structure instantiation.

Again, this needs work for clarification.

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