Monday, October 7, 2013

Building the Model Palette

The construction of the model palette mentioned previously is not restricted to a simple reading of the three volumes of the Mediterranean in various translations, with an eye toward the French single-volume first edition.

The model palette construction process needs to also include a clarification of what the model palette is and what is construction means. This is the place to discuss the difference between scripts (Schank & Abelson) and ideal types (Weber), the problems of mapping plans and goals (Schank & Abelson) onto events (Danto), and the discovery of explanatory rules (Danto again). It is also the place to differentiate oneself from postmodernism and the "large narrative" discussions (Morris), to explicate my personal Kripkensteinian stance, and to accept the relevancy criticism from Danto's demolition of the ideal chronicler (which Braudel seems to not accept for the longue durée, as he pretends to describe the geography independent of the future uses he will put the description to).

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