Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Some Mamluk Details and Natural History Details

Been researching history of the Mamluks for a collaboration with some people in the Digital Humanities at the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Found some cool resources on the web:

In communicating with my collaborators, I revisited the Timbersnake argument from my dissertation, and found some additional resources for that, including

  • Mark Catesby's Natural History of  the Carolinas,Florida, the Bahamas etc etc with a cool depiction of a rattlesnake from volume 2, published in London in 1756.
  • The travels of Linneus student Peter or Pehr Kalm of Sweden, who helped classify rattlesnakes for Linneus (as did Catesby's drawings)
    • An analysis of his journal (including on rattlesnakes)
    • His three volume travel journal is available here in German for the First Part. Indubitably other parts are on Archive.org as well. 

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