Friday, April 29, 2016

some early thinkers in the Digital Humanities

(mostly taken from here)

John Unsworth, now the CIO and Vice-Provost at Brandeis, wrote a lot about the digital humanities, some of it quite early, including musings on the use of knowledge representation and ontologies that mention John Sowa. Unsworth drew inspiration from a Randall Davis paper from AI magazine in 1993 on what knowledge representation is (PS version).

Stephen Ramsay's papers are not accessible from the old links on the DH-website; but his website links to the famous Writing-Programming-Writing dialogue (in four flavors), and has links to the paper on sketching dynamic action (StageGraph), and the 2011 book on Reading Machines, available on Amazon.

Edward Vanhoutte was a key player in the TEI initiative, writing an introduction to the effort and the consortium in 2004.

More such as Julia Flanders, Willard McCarthy, Jerome McGann and Martha Smith to be extracted later.

PS: Apparently even then, Ben(jamin) Ray had realized that the Salem Witch Trials material would make for a nice thing to put into a database, leading to the Salem Witch Trial Project at the University of Virginia in 2002. I thought we mentioned that at the 2007 proposal to NEH ....

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