Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Discussions of Mormon Geography

In 1993, William J. Hamblin, history professor at BYU, broke a lance for the Limited Geographical Model approach to the book of Mormon. His interpretative approach was rejected by an ex-Mormon, Richard Packham, as well as by a Mormon layperson, Wunderli, in a paper published in Dialogue.

Peckham's account is excellent, because as a lawyer and computer scientist, he is both logical and good in exposition. Wunderli is cool because he points to the work of the Reverend Lamb, The Golden Bible, and exposes some of the things that Hamblin writes as the flip side of the arguments that Lamb made, eg. on the preservation of names in Biblical Palestine vs. the Americas, pp.274ff. Lamb also made some interesting ones, such as rejecting the notion that any singular culture, Nephite or Lamanite, ever spanned the American continent.

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